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In March of 2020, we realized people were in need more than ever. Our founder, Brady Brannon, has always had a passion for bringing value to others’ lives and for putting others’ needs before his own. He saw a unique opportunity to serve in the real estate space. This service would be in the form of helping people determine the best options for their property.

We all face times where something we had a great plan for did not go as planned. In August of 2020, my wife and I experienced the loss of miscarriage with our son, Samuel. The plan was good. We wanted to grow our family, but the story got switched on us without our control. This experience makes our approach unique because we know we all have a story and a fresh start can oftentimes be what we need.

Whether you have lost a family member or experienced a fire or just need a fresh start altogether we are here to provide that for you.

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